Dora Nightingale

Founder and Director of Fox Guardians

Dora is a film-maker with a passion for wildlife. She uses her skills as a film-maker to create much-needed good press for foxes. She set up Fox Guardians to reach a wide audience with her educational and entertaining fox films and hopes to inspire many people to become fox guardians.

Dora’s life changed forever when in the summer of 2016 two fox cubs strolled into her in garden in broad daylight. This was the day she became “foxed”. When the cubs – who were named Freya and Faith – returned daily for four months throughout the summer, Dora started to document their lives on film. She made a point of never touching or taming the fox cubs but filming unobtrusively.

Out of 700 hours of footage Dora created the documentary “Foxed” which won an Audience Choice Award at the Animal Film Festival in California. A short version of this film with the title “The Offspringers” won “highly commended” at the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2018.

When the cubs dispersed in the winter of 2016 Dora continued to monitor and film the extended fox family visiting her garden. After 9 months away, Freya and Faith both returned to Dora’s garden and continue to visit every night.

Dora feels that Freya and Faith chose her to be their guardian. She decided to use her skills as a film-maker to create much-needed positive press for foxes and has now dedicated her life to this cause. This is a true labour of love.

Recently Dora was involved in various local fox rescues and continues to create films about many different foxes in the Sussex area. She also has been campaigning against fox hunting and was honoured when her portrait of Faith won the audience choice award at the League Against Cruel Sports 2019 photo competition.

Some of Dora’s fox footage of Freya and Faith has gone viral and reached 25 million views via a co-operation with “The Dodo”.

Sadly likes and views do not equal funds for the foxes Dora films and supports. If you think her work is important and you want to support Dora and Fox Guardians, please consider browsing our online shop or making a small donation. Every £1 helps us to make a difference for foxes.