Female, Age Unknown

Ruby is a vixen who first sought refuge in Dora’s garden in March 2018. She stayed for 3 months, using an old dog kennel to sleep in.

Ruby was frail and seemed to suffer from arthritis. With the help of a local wildlife rescue we successfully treated her against mange. She was being monitored daily whilst we assessed if she was better off enjoying her golden foxy retirement years in Dora’s garden or if she might have needed to be rescued. As Ruby enjoyed her snoozes and had a huge appetite it was decided with a local wildlife rescue to let her be until her condition worsened.

One afternoon Ruby started to walk in slow circles and a rescuer was to come the following day to assess and possibly rescue her. But that evening in August 2018 Ruby disappeared and has not been seen since in Dora’s garden. We hope that she is well and thriving wherever she may be right now.