Female, Age Unknown

Timmi is an urban vixen who was fearless of humans and sought shelter inside the home of a fellow fox guardian.

She was afraid of other foxes and going outside and liked nothing more than sleeping on this Lady’s sofa. She had bad bite wounds on her back and urgently needed to be seen by a vet. The fox guardian contacted us desperate to get help for Timmi.

We connected the fox guardian with a rescue organisation who collected Timmi and took her to a vet where her bite wounds were stitched up. She tested negative for toxoplasmosis but could not be re-released in the wild, as she was afraid of other foxes and too trusting of humans. It is assumed that Timmi was kept as pet in her youth but was then abandoned without the life skills needed for a wild fox. We documented the day of her unusual rescue on film.

Timmi now lives with other rescued foxes in an enclosure.