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At Fox Guardians we seek to inspire respect and compassion for foxes - both urban and in the country - through our films and actions, helping to balance out their unwarranted negative press. We create educational, entertaining and political films about foxes that we hope can be catalysts in encouraging more humans to become fox guardians.

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Watch – Back In The Garden

Watch our film of the latest film, featuring our favourite foxes returning back to the garden for a moment of respite before they vanish back into the night.

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Who we are

Find out more about the founder of Fox Guardians

Dora Nightingale, Founder and Director of Fox Guardians

Dora is a film-maker with a passion for wildlife. She uses her skills as a film-maker to create much-needed good press for foxes. She set up Fox Guardians to reach a wide audience with her educational and entertaining fox films and hopes to inspire many people to become fox guardians.

Dora’s life changed forever when in the summer of 2016 two fox cubs strolled into her in garden in broad daylight. This was the day she became “foxed”. When the cubs – who were named Freya and Faith – returned daily for four months throughout the summer, Dora started to document their lives on film. She made a point of never touching or taming the fox cubs but filming unobtrusively.


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Download our Free Fox Factsheets

Find out more about our fox friends and how you can become a guardian to the foxes in your area with our FREE factsheets, “Ten Steps to become a Fox Guardian” and “Fox Cubs”.

On these sheets you can learn many interesting and informative facts. It is often the smallest things that will make a big difference to a fox, and this information might just save his or her life…

We hope you find these factsheets a helpful and valuable resource.

The high-quality PDF file can be printed up to A3 size.

See More on the ‘Guardians’ factsheets

Download the ’Guardians’ PDF

See More on the ‘Cubs’ factsheets

Download the ’Fox Cubs’ PDF

Fox Guardian Media

These are some of the films we create at Fox Guardians to help raise awareness of the issues they face, and to bring a bit of foxy love into the world, as well as a selection of our press clippings.

Fox Portraits

Films, Fox Portraits

Fox Cub Films

Films, Fox Cubs

Fox Guardians in the Media


Faith Films

Faith, Films

Freya & Faith

Films, Freya & Faith

Mythbusters / Q&A Series

Films, Mythbusters

Support Fox Guardians

Your donations help us to help our foxes and our efforts to capture them on film for you. If you can spare anything towards our efforts, we very much appreciate it! We are a Not For Profit organisation, so all money donated will go straight to helping us to make our films and to guarding the foxes.

Meet the Fox Family!

Find out more about the foxes whose lives we have been following and documenting in our films. Click their pics for more info!


A selection of our own social media images, photography and artwork buy our friends.

Some fun foxy facts!

Life expectancy in years for a wild fox

Life expectancy in years of a domesticated fox

Online views of Freya & Faith trampolining!

Awards won - more to come!

Friends of Fox Guardians

Below is a list of other organisations whose work we value and support

Political Organisation

Rescue Organisation

Political Organisation

Rescue Organisation


Political Organisation

Rescue Organisation

Political Organisation


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    Foxy Quotes

    • He could tell by the way animals walked that they were keeping time to some kind of music. Maybe it was the song in their own hearts that they walked to.

      Laura Adams Armer
    • The world is full of magical things waiting for us to grow sharper

      W. B. Yeats
    • Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

      A. A. Milne
    • The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

      Mahatma Gandhi