Fox Stories

The Offspringers

This was how our founder Dora got foxed. This film won “highly commended” at the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017.

Fox Talk

What does the fox say?  This film features the most exciting fox vocalizations of 28 sounds and explains what they mean.

Woody & Willow Clear The Decks

Two cute fox cubs in a garden enjoying a ball pit, trampoline and each other’s company!

Turf Wars

Watch playful vixen Sparkle relay a newly laid turf – foxy style as she starts turf wars!

Lucky to be alive

This is the incredible story of Lucky, a little urban fox that was cruelly maimed by a human and survived against all odds.

Night & Day

Be More Fox! Make the most of every moment, just like Sandy did relaxing in my garden.

Back to the Garden

This film features some the vulnerable, ill or injured foxes who choose my garden as their sanctuary and me as their guardian.

Fox Body Talk

Foxes have a big repertoire of sophisticated body language, using postures from canines as well as cats.


A magical fairytale about what life could be like if humans opened their gardens to wildlife and their hearts to foxes.

Catch me if you can

Two juvenile foxes playing tag on freshly laid turf that was “slightly” rearranged by their shenanigans.

Days of Innocence

Fox cubs enjoying their salad days under the eyes of their mum who knows that fox lives are challenging and sadly often all too short.

Fox Faces

A creative collage celebrating the beauty of the red fox. Each fox is unique and magnificent in their own way!

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