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Fox Guardians is a charitable organization that promotes respect and compassion for foxes. We create educational and entertaining films about foxes to counter balance the unjustified negative press foxes get. We also monitor and support vulnerable urban foxes and have been involved in multiple fox rescues and launched campaigns such as the recent Protect Rustington foxes campaign. Fox Guardians was founded by Dora Nightingale and to find out why, click here >>

Meet the Foxes

Find out more about the foxes whose lives we have been following and documenting in our films. Click their photos to read more.

Faith is a stunning vixen who has become somewhat of a… Read More

Larry is a beautiful male fox who was rescued by our founder… Read More

Lucky is a young urban fox who lives in an affluent area of… Read More

Freya is one of the original foxes that inspired our founder Dora… Read More

Sandy is a very small and timid male fox who appeared at… Read More

Ruby is a beautiful vixen with sad eyes.  She sought refuge… Read More

Ophelia is a beautiful and gentle urban vixen who made a den to… Read More

Miss Peanut was a very fragile urban vixen suffering from… Read More

Honey Boy is an elderly gentleman fox residing mostly on top… Read More

If you think our work is important and you are able to, please consider a donation. We are a completely self-financed charitable organisation and have many expenses.


This is where you’ll find our latest films and newest products. We change this regularly so be sure to pop back soon and see what Fox Guardians has been getting up to recently!

New film release

Five years ago this beautiful little vixen I called Faith came into my life…read more

New in Shop

We’ve launched our new 2022 calendar which is ready for pre-order now…read more

Latest Blog

We’ve been busy updating out blog with our most recent news…read more

Other News

Find out about our latest petition to protect the Rustington allotment foxes…read more

Fantastic Fox facts

Foxes can run at a speed of 30mph 

Vixens are only fertile 3 days per year

Foxes have a vocabulary of 28 sound  

Cubs are born blind, deaf, naked and helpless  

Foxes use the earth’s magnetic field when hunting 

A fox pregnancy lasts 54 days on average 

Foxes can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away 

Only one in five wild fox cubs lives longer than a year 

Friends of Fox Guardians

We value and support the work of many other organisations. Click on them to find out more.

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