Larry is a beautiful male fox who was rescued by our founder Dora Nightingale at only 4 weeks old. Cold and hungry he was found in an urban garden crying with no siblings or mum in sight. With sub zero temperatures at night he would not have survived had he not been taken in by Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital.  There he was bonded with two surrogate siblings. Dora documented the cubs’ bonding and growing up at the wildlife hospital and was involved in the young foxes re-wilding process and ultimately their soft release. Although Larry was initially the smallest of the cubs, he grew up to be the most courageous of all. It was lucky Larry who was the first fox to leave the enclosure when the juveniles were released back into the wild in September 2019.  Larry is the star of our documentary Lucky Larry.

Watch Larry’s film portrait

The heart-warming story of the rescue, recovery and re-wildering and subsequent release of tiny fox cub.

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