Fox Bios

Faith is a stunning vixen who has become somewhat of a… Read More

Larry is a beautiful male fox who was rescued by our founder… Read More

Lucky is a young urban fox who lives in an affluent area of… Read More

Mummy fox was murdered alongside her 3 cubs on the 4th August 2021… Read more

Amelia is a beautiful urban vixen that lives with her partner Henry on… Read more

Violet is a daughter of Amelia and is the current queen of the cemetery… Read more

Gordon is a resilient little dog fox suffering from a handicap. He has a… Read more

Freya is one of the original foxes that inspired our founder Dora… Read More

Sandy is a very small and timid male fox who appeared at… Read More

Ruby is a beautiful vixen with sad eyes.  She sought refuge… Read More

Dakota the Fox

Dakota is one of the vixens that lived at the Rustington Allotments. When… Read more

Suzie is an urban vixen that single-handedly reared 4 cubs in an urban garden… Read more

Franklin is a charming London fox who has wrapped his guardian Dora M…. Read more

Babybelle is a second time mum who is incredibly resourceful. When her primary den…Read more

Ophelia is a beautiful and gentle urban vixen who made a den to… Read More

Miss Peanut was a very fragile urban vixen suffering from… Read More

Honey Boy is an elderly gentleman fox residing mostly on top… Read More

Barka the Fox

Barka is an urban vixen who reared her five cubs in an urban garden… Read more

Darcy is an unusual adult fox with a very dark coat. His name means “the dark one”… Read more

Buster is a gentle giant. He is the chunkiest and plushest fox that has ever visited…Read more

Hazel is the son of Violet and part of the cemetery fox dynasty. He is a juvenile… Read more

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