Amelia is a beautiful urban vixen that lives with her partner Henry on a Victorian cemetery that is closed to the public. She adores her partner and showers him with affection whenever she sees him. This is where she birthed her five cubs, in the den she built under a path of brambles and three head stones. At first I though these foxes had won the golden ticket living in such a safe and secluded space in the middle of a busy town. However trail camera footage revealed that Amelia suffers from lungworm as well as mange – two live-threatening conditions if not treated. I am currently trying to help her by treating her in the wild as trapping is not an option with five cubs that still depend on her. As the cemetery is closed to the public, access is extremely limited and I am facing an uphill struggle to get the much-needed treatments to her. However I am determined to ease her suffering and if at all possible save her life and am monitoring and supporting her in any way I can and have been provided with medication for her by a vet.

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