Sadly negative fox myths persist and are endlessly perpetuated in sensationalist tabloid headlines.  We took a close look at these myths such as: “We are overrun by foxes”, “Foxes attack cats”, “Foxes kill for fun” and many more with the UK’s leading fox expert, Professor of mammal ecology Dawn Scott. Dawn is Head of School at Keele University and is well known from her appearances on BBC Springwatch. Together we created this fox myth-busting film series that separates facts from fiction and gives a genuine insight into fox behaviour.

Are we overrun by foxes?

Are foxes a threat to humans?

Do foxes kill for fun?

What role do foxes have in the ecosystem?

Do foxes kill cats?

Do foxes kill hedgehogs?

Are foxes a threat to children?

What are the strange fox calls I hear at night?

Are foxes monogamous?

Do foxes have strong family ties?

Do foxes kill many lambs?

How can I support the foxes in my garden?

Bonus: When Faith Met Dawn

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