When fox cubs are teething, they chew anything they can get their growing teeth into. You can protect your plants by scattering a biodegradable scent repellent such as Get off my garden around them. We also found it very effective to provide the cubs with chew toys similar to the ones used for dogs. Make sure these (soft) toys are safe and have no beady eyes and are not filled with beads. You can pick up soft toys for pennies at charity shops and car boot sales. The cubs will appreciate these toys not just for chewing but also for playing, measuring each other’s strength, increasing their agility and learning how to pounce and ultimately how to hunt.

 It is important to note that an active fox earth is protected under the Wild Mammal Protection Act from 1986 and the earth may not be filled in. The cubs usually disperse by the end of the summer. If you do not want fox cubs growing up in your garden, you can make your garden less attractive for foxes during mating by fox example removing cover or placing your shed on hard-standing ground rather than decking.  Get more info on how to humanely deter foxes here:

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