Dora Nightingale, wildlife filmmaker and Fox Guardians founder says: I like to make a connection with a fox before pointing the camera at them. I do this by lowering my gaze when a fox looks at me and making myself appear smaller so the fox senses I am no threat.

If I move, I move in slow motion and as quietly as possibly. If the fox comes closer to have a good look at me, I blink my eyes slowly. Once I know a fox a bit better, I also like to talk to the fox calmly as I do believe that they understand the gist of what is being said and if they are welcome. I allow the foxes to use their primary sense, smell, to get a whiff of me if they choose to come close enough to sniff my hand but I never encourage a fox to come close and would never hand-feed a wild fox. I use a digital SLR which has no shutter sound when taking a photo and I switch my phone to silent when using it to be with or film foxes. Long –term observations are filmed with motion-activated trail cameras and I often find these produce the best results when it comes to the foxes behaving completely naturally in front of the camera.

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