How to support foxes whilst on holiday

If you are feeding foxes and are about to go away for an extended period, you should slowly phase out the feeding. Feed less every night, then feed only every second night and then leave even longer gaps. That will give the fox the opportunity to adjust. Alternatively you could ask neighbours if they are able to take over occasional feeding duty or pay for a pet sitting service to feed the wildlife in your garden. I also use pet feeders with a timer, so if somebody pays a visit, they can still make sure multiple different foxes get fed throughout the night, depending on what time they are usually paying a visit. These feeders are not waterproof, so can only be used in dry weather and should be placed on a tray rather than the lawn to keep moisture out. A visiting pet feeder may be more affordable than you think. For example my local service in Worthing Pet Professionals charges £8 per visit which includes feeding pets and/or wildlife as well as watering plants.

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