I first noticed how much foxes appreciate a bit of comfort when little Faith curled up in an old wooden wine box I had filled with soil to convert into a grow box. During the summer months, she slept in it for hours curled up like a cinnamon swirl. When the weather turned, I decided to provide some shelter from the elements and placed a medium sized second-hand dog kennel into the garden as well as an old rabbit hutch. Both were filled with straw as straw provides excellent insulation even at sub-zero temperatures. The kennels were in much demand during the winter months by those foxes that were ill with mange and lacked the comfort of their warm coat and thick brush they would usually wrap around themselves to keep warm. The straw needed to be exchanged regularly to avoid the kennel being infested with the mange causing parasitic mites. Lame foxes also enjoy a kennel to lay up in all year round – they feel safe being holed up in it, especially if the kennels are placed in a secluded spot, away from busy walkways and the area you usually might place food out for wildlife.

Another excellent idea is using a composting bin with the front latch left open and straw bedding being placed inside it. It sleeps tow foxes comfortably and it seems the foxes enjoy the circular shape of the bin as it mimics their shape when curled up and resting. You can often get second-hand kennels and compost bins for a low price or even free on sites like Gumtree for Facebook Market Place.

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