Honey Boy

Every year there seems to be a fox who finds their extra special niche in my heart. This year this fox is Honey Boy. I am so enchanted by him that as soon as I reviewed his footage filmed over one day, I felt I needed to create this portrait of him. He is such a gorgeous fox boy and is lucky to be blessed with fantastic guardians who support him in many ways.They named him Honey Boy as this is his favourite snack. He reminds me of Winnie the Pooh – he looks just as cuddly and is also obsessed with “hunny”!!! Luckily the honey sandwiches made an excellent vehicle to deliver the remedy he needed to treat his mange and he should soon get his lush full coat back. Somebody mentioned that Honey Boy looks like a character from a children’s book and I agree. So here is a little story of how this beautiful boy spends his day. Enjoy!